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Madeline Janis

Madeline Janis is the co-founder and executive director of Jobs to Move America, a research, strategy, and advocacy center dedicated to ensuring that the billions of public dollars spent on American infrastructure create better results for our communities: good jobs, cleaner equipment, and more opportunity for historically marginalized people.

For over 35 years, Madeline has been on the inside and outside of local and state government, working to create high road, equitable economic development, and strong industrial policy. She serves as an appointee of Speaker Anthony Rendon to the California Competes Tax Credit Committee, which awards tens of millions in state tax credits to California businesses each year.  Madeline has written opinion pieces for a variety of publications including, the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Business Journal and the Huffington Post and has been cited as an expert in dozens of publications across the country. She has extensive experience leading nonprofits, working on urban economic and industrial development, women’s rights, immigrant rights, and racial justice.  She helped to negotiate the first community benefits agreements in the U.S. and co-authored a book on the subject.

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